engagePress will be launched on the 4th of July 2012, 21h00, at Laboratório de Criação Digital in Guimarães 2012 CEC.

For the presentation of this new imprinting seal we have invited Heitor Alvelos from the Fine Arts School of the University of Porto 
to do a speech on the questions of Open Publication and the Art+Science discourse.

We'll have also with us the authors -
Raquel Pinto and Liliana Rocha - to shortly present the first two books being launched by this seal.

The launch of our publishing imprint will be done in two formats: Pdf and iBook

engagePress is the publishing imprint from engageLab, affiliated with the Centre for Communication and Society Studies and the Centre Algoritimi from University of Minho.

engagePress aims to:

- Edit and curate information relevant for the research community.
- Transfer the most exciting academic work within the field of Creative Technologies to Society.
- Support the culture of creative participation in knowledge dissemination.