Since dawn of humanity people developed creative technologies, tools that would support externally expressed creations, as ink, carving tools, or sounding objects. Creative technologies have always been the ground for human expressivity; to sustain self-realization; to raise self-esteem; to increase community bonds; and to create a better society.

We believe that the new creative technologies are forming the ground for the next great cultural movement giving voice to user's wishes to express inner feelings, ideas and visions, transforming and giving shape to whatever imagination can generate. We believe that the future of technology will be largely determined by end-users who will design, build, and share their own worlds, and creative technologies will inspire and support that shaping process.

Under this vision we present the engagePress.

engagePress is the publishing imprint from engageLab, affiliated with the Centre for Communication and Society Studies and the Centre Algoritmi from University of Minho.

We publish scholar, academic, scientific and artistic works under Open Source and Creative Commons licenses. engagePress publications will focus on issues subjacent to the entire spectrum of topics on Creative Technologies, ranging from philosophical approaches to engineering applications.

Topics are wide open, including, but not limited to, Entertainment, Digital Arts, Games, Play, Creativity, Interactivity, Design, Tangibles.

engagePress encourages and supports authors to create, produce and publish ideas through supports and formats other than the book concept. We incite authors to design their ideas within approaches that take the culture of creative participation into account.

engagePress will publish works in English and Portuguese.

It is with particular pleasure and honor that we introduce this new imprint seal, engagePress.

University of Minho, 25th October 2011
Nelson Zagalo and Pedro Branco